Why Kiosks?

The Landmark system comes in a variety of form factors and designs to suit almost any environment, indoor or outdoor.


But one thing all the systems have in common is their unparalleled ability to deliver your content to an audience at key locations: at the when and where that is most valuable to you and your brand. We engage users with your information and promotions in a way that no other on-site delivery system can match, and we keep them engaged after their interaction via mobile and social media integration.

What about mobile?

Mobile apps are an excellent tool for getting your information out there - in fact, we design companion mobile apps for some of our kiosk partners.

But studiies show that the majority of cell phone usage - a whopping 92% - is devoted to social activity and gaming. That makes it tough for other types of apps to gain traction.


Landmark enhances and builds your mobile and other media  strategies in a multitude of ways, including linking users to your mobile apps and sites, sending and posting content to your social media and theirs, encouraging users to sign up for subscriptions and memberships, and much, much more.


Demonstrating the success of  Landmark installations is easy - it's all in the numbers:

By the Numbers




of users taking photos through the kiosk photo booth share them via email




of all kiosk users voluntarily share user data like zip code and email



photo booth images each month have been taken at single locations


featured listing placement increases traffic for individual destinations by over


screen interactions per month

individual kiosks

have recorded over



banner ads increase listing traffic for individual destinations by over

Interactive Kiosks
Independent, service-free operation is key to our products. We build a number of redundancies into the product to ensure functionality during outages and safe power down in the event of power loss. Emphasis on usability: We believe that if an interactive system stutters or lags for any amount of time then we have potentially lost or frustrated a user. We make sure response time is immediate and efficient. We try to get a user to their destination in as few clicks as possible. Easy content updates are performed through our online interface and pushed out to individual kiosks via the Internet within minutes of the update. This keeps content fresh and virtually eliminates the need for on-site visits. Scalability: Once everything is built, adding additional kiosks is as simple as a few clicks and installing the new unit. New software additions can be made without “rethinking” or starting from scratch, saving our partners a lot of time and money. Traffic tracking is built into the core of the Landmark system, allowing you to monitor every aspect of the kiosks’ usage and status to evaluate your network’s success and to provide concrete performance metrics to advertisers. Revenue generation is accomplished through multi-tier advertising opportunities that are designed into the core software.
Sunlight readable, high bright screens with a 1500 nit rating. Brightness adjusts automatically at night. The integrated cooling system blows air curtains between the touch panel and the LCD. This prevents “black outs” on the screen in direct sunlight. Many vendors promise sunlight readability but include in the fine print severe restrictions on the placement of the kiosks – this feature gives vastly greater flexibility on kiosk location than many competitors. Integrated cameras can be connected to an always-on web streaming feed, they can take photos at set intervals, or they can be activated by motion sensors. Industrial grade climate control is provided via internal air conditioning / heating / climate control systems to keep the inside of the chassis at a constant temperature regardless of the outside temperature. Reliability and durability: The kiosk chassis and monitors are IP 65 rated, signifying that they are sealed against weather, dust, and water. The rust-proof aluminum chassis construction with locking panels protects internal access. The extreme durability of the chassis makes it highly resistant to general vandalism. Our industrial design approach carries over to the displays as well, which are designed to be highly resistant to scratching and other damage. We’ve had screens in the field for years that still look as good as new. Outdoor


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